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For most organizations, cyber security has become a major issue and CEOs / Board recognize this as an organization-wide issue requiring senior leadership involvement and attention. Investments are required to protect organizations from increasingly sophisticated and widely available attack methods.


What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is a combination of technologies, processes and controls that are designed to protect systems, networks and data from cyber-attacks.

Risk can be reduced by effective cyber security measures, and protects organizations and individuals from the unauthorized exploitation of systems, networks and technologies


Will you be targeted?

Majority of cyber-attacks are automated and not focused on specific organizations or individuals. It is like shooting in the dark – attackers use tools to launch an attack in a wider region and these tools can identify vulnerabilities systems and without your knowledge, exploit those vulnerabilities.

Who knows! your systems are already hacked and you are not aware what is happening inside, or some malware installed and waiting for the attacker to come in for door to be opened at the appropriate time.

Ask yourself – “when you will be attacked” rather than asking “will you be attacked”?


What are the consequences of a cyber attack?

  • You might stand to lose assets, reputation and business, and potentially face regulatory fines and litigation based on where the breach occurred.

  • Can disrupt business and cause considerable financial and reputational damage and even affect your share value for listed companies.

  • costs of remediation is much higher than fixing first time when systems are designed and implemented.


Who are the most affected?

Small to medium-sized enterprises are unclear nor do they have the right kind of advisory on how vulnerable they could be to cyber-attacks.

Any organization having access to internet from them office LAN or having their applications accessible from outside, using email and other messaging services, all of them are at risk of attack.

Individuals are equally targeted and this should be a great concern to every individual exposed to internet.


How ISAAA help Organizations meet your cyber security needs?


ISAAA provides a platform for organizations and Services Providers / Professionals to connect. Customers can reach out to a whole lot of Cyber Security Professionals registered with ISAAA. Your requirements will be posted to all Processionals in the required domains and you should get focused responses to those.


We recommend you Sign Up as an ORGANISATION  and category ‘BUSINESS ORGANISAITON (for RFQ)’ posting. After registration process and validations, you can post your requirements, which is absolutely free service.